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Susan Scott Powell

Feng Shui Consultant and Healing for People and Places
I have over 40 years experience as a dowser and healer of people and places on an energetic level using dowsing as an analytical tool. For fuller details see “Healing” section. Also see Feng Shui for information on consultations.
You will find my name on the British Society of Dowsers’ “Professional Register”. I was given their “Merit Award” in 2010 for setting up and running the Thames Valley Dowsers Group in South Buckinghamshire.
I work remotely from photographs and floor plans and have clients from all over the world.
It is important in the first instance to have a healthy home to maintain a healthy life and many illnesses can be traced back to living in an unhealthy environment. The management of Geopathic Stress, a distortion of the earth’s natural energy,  is particularly important. (See separate section).

Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui consultations for homes or businesses are available using Form, Three Door Gate or Compass Feng Shui, include advice and information on detrimental energies including Geopathic Stress; Electro-magnetic field surveys.

Backed by 35 years experience in a corporate property environment, I use an intuitive but practical approach to enable positive changes to take place in the home and workplace.

I also give talks and workshops on Healing, Dowsing and Feng Shui

I have also been a Full Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers for many years. (Now called ‘The Healing Trust’).

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Can I Help?

Feeling unwell?

Are you feeling tired and exhausted or have other health problems?

Healthy Home?

Do you feel there is something wrong with the energy in your house,

Is it heavy or oppressive perhaps? Or just uncomfortable?

Are you sleeping badly?

Are you, in fact, sleeping in a safe place?

New Home?

Have you just moved house and want to make a new start with an energetic  cleanse and a feng shui consultation so that your home is supportive to you and your life?


Are you having difficulty selling  your home?

Life not moving forward?

Do you feel “stuck” in some areas of your life?


Telephone from abroad +44 (0) 1494 813 214

Perfect Harmony
Perfect Harmony


See full testimonials

I have worked with Sue over a number of years, for personal healings, energetic cleansing of several houses, and even property searches to find the best area to live or the best time to sell. She was terrific and spot on every single time, and she always goes the extra mile to explain things and to suggest remedies if needed. Sue is a pleasure to work with, wonderfully reassuring and warm. Highly recommended!


Just a few lines to thank you for the great job you did with me, in our monthly healing sessions. I am now virtually cured of my diseases (lung cancer and pneumonia) and I feel like “brand new”.

Of course I was being treated also in traditional way, with medicines and so on, but what I undoubtedly know is that, I always felt much better right after each session with you, which gave me the indication of how right those sessions were for me.

Thanks again and hope to” meet” again soon, remotely, that is!

TS Portugal

“After more than 10 years of perfume induced migraines (sometimes 2 a week); of going home ill from work, or trying to avoid contact with people wearing perfume or aftershave, I have now been migraine free for over a year since your treatment. Thank you. I can now go out and enjoy myself without having to worry.”

Dr. AB, Derbyshire

Sue was extremely helpful in neutralising the extreme occult negative energies in a house that I purchased. It was an amazing case of voodoo worthy of a novel. She really cleared the negativity in the house and the results are palpable. I am equally grateful to Sue for the personal heath healing work that we did together.

MM (Europe)

“I want to formally thank you for making such a positive impact on my life. The clarity of your wisdom and knowledge of Feng Shui principles has allowed me to make changes in areas that were once troubled. Life in our home now is so much more balanced and harmonious. Financially, it just gets better and better. Your conviction in what you believe in is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge. I bless the day you walked through our door.”

LT. Buckinghamshire

“…..Effectiveness of your healing is beyond contention……your pendulum has proved uncannily accurate. Thank you for helping me to regain my health when orthodox methods and many other complementary disciplines had failed”

RG. Surrey

“After my first  ‘session’ I experienced immediate pain relief and was able to sleep soundly for the first time in many weeks.”

GK. Illinois, USA

I just wanted to say thank you for the house healing and Feng Shui Consultation last week. The house has changed massively over the last few days. I am reluctant to go away on holiday now! The difference is amazing.

C.C. London

We contacted Susan because we felt there was something wrong with the energy in our house, a period property.  The atmosphere felt oppressive and heavy. Working from our plans of the house she told us that there were 3 lines of Geopathic Stress running through through the house along with other negative phenomena which she also treated.

We were very happy with the outcome. The negative atmosphere in the house lifted and changed to a more relaxed, happy feel.  We all enjoyed better sleep patterns, especially our children. Visitors staying in our top floor guest room no longer say that it feels ‘strange’or ‘odd’ there.  We would happily recommend Susan.
BC. Surrey