House Healing and Geopathic Stress

  • Does the energy in your house feel uncomfortable? Heavy and oppressive ?
    House healing geopathic stress


  • No sleep?
  • Difficulty selling your house?
  • Your business in financial crisis?
  • Tired and Exhausted?
  • Many physical symptoms, but cannot really find the cause?
  • Children bed wetting?   Nightmares?
  • Areas in your garden where plants will not grow or growth is stunted?

It may be that you have Geopathic Stress (GS) lines affecting your home, and garden and /or business, and you need a “House Healing”.

Geopathic Stress is a distortion of the earth’s natural energy causing radiation to seep into the house affecting all levels.

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There maybe natural causes such as underground streams and geological faults, or man made causes such as railway lines and cuttings, motorways, tunnels and embankments, mines and quarries, steel pylons and signposts, old battlegrounds, tree felling, building foundations, or anywhere where the earth has been “punctured”.


It can make the house energy feel heavy and oppressive, but more importantly the radiation it produces can be detrimental to health especially if there are strong GS lines passing through the bed.

It can also prevent a house from being sold or let and businesses with GS lines rarely do well.

There are a number of causative factors.

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When carrying out a “House Healing” I will check for these and for some 35 other detrimental energetic phenomena, such as underground streams, energy spirals, predecessor chi, and negative energy leys, and work on harmonising and balancing the house energies.

I work remotely, dowsing from floor plans, and have Clients worldwide.

Any home, (or business)  anywhere!

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You are welcome to contact me for advice about your house healing.