Process for a Feng Shui Consultation

When you decide to go ahead with a consultation, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire about your current lifestyle and to clarify what you are hoping to achieve.

I will need to have this returned to me at least 7 days before the consultation date together with a floor  plan of your house/office premises drawn to scale and with the direction of North shown on the plan.

Before I come to visit you, I will be working on the Bagua placement, and also on 9 Star Ki Astrology implications to you (and your family) with regard to finding  the best direction for you to face for working and sleeping and your astrological interaction with other members of your family.

On site I expect to take about 3-4 hours, and the written report afterwards will take further time.

So, in all a comprehensive consultation is likely to take one day in total for a normal sized house/office.

  1. The priority is to locate and treat any Geopathic Stress which may be affecting the building. This may be carried out remotely or on site when I visit by dowsing and treating with earth acupuncture.
  2. We would go through comprehensive questionnaire you will have completed prior to my arrival to discuss your aspirations and goals.
  3. Clutter Removal: I will give guidance on clutter removal. This will make way for new chi  i.e. new ideas and events to come into your life
  4. I would look at the “Form Feng Shui “ of your house, that is, looking at the way your house or office sits in the landscape and see what changes are needed there.
  5. Removal of inappropriate or wrongly placed artwork and assessment of any predecessor or sha chi. Some artwork may be having a detrimental effect on the energy in the house/office. It is important to identify, remove or relocate it to a more suitable position.
  6. I would carry out an Electo-Magnetic Field survey to advise on ways to achieve  a healthy environment.
  7. Enhancements: Having now removed all the negative influences,we can start enhancing and boosting the chi in the life areas required, in line with the Five Element Cycle, Yin and Yang balance, lighting, colour and shape.

The chart on the right shows the five element cycle and how the elements interact. The red line shows the “controlling cycle”, the green line, the “nourishing cycle”, and the blue line the “draining cycle”. It is important to ensure they are properly balanced.

This process is given as guidance only and as each Client will have individual goals, you are invited to telephone to discuss your requirements in detail. A programme and fee can then be agreed for the work.

Susan Scott Powell