Geopathic Stress (GS) can be defined as a disruption to (or distortion of) the Earth’s natural energy field causing harmful radiation to emanate from the Earth’s surface.
There maybe natural causes such as underground streams and geological faults, or man made causes such as railway lines and cuttings, motorways, tunnels and embankments, mines and quarries, steel pylons and signposts, old battlegrounds, tree felling, building foundations, or anywhere where the earth has been “punctured”.

Studies suggest that the most common indications of GS are:
A feeling of being run-down and exhausted, nervousness and depression, dizziness, loss of appetite; not wanting to go to bed and when in bed, insomnia, restless sleep, feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs, nightmares; waking in the morning feeling exhausted with a light-headedness. Children often bedwet and babies cry continuously. GS is believed to lower the immune system, so that there is less chance of fighting any illness.
Typical Signs that GS is present:
Building deterioration, e.g. cracks in brickwork, electrical breakdowns, lightning strikes, accident black spots, disputes with neighbours.
Some environmental clues to indicate that GS may be present:

Plants which love GS include, foxgloves, nightshades, medicinal herbs, elder trees, nettles and docks. Other plants include mushrooms, mistletoe , ivy and bindweed.

Fruit Trees and many other plants will suffer if they are planted on a GS line. Twisted or stunted growth and gaps in hedges may provide clues.

Most animals avoid GS especially birds. Owls, slugs and snails are all drawn to GS lines. Nests of bees, wasps and ants all provide an indication that GS may be present. Cats love GS and will actively seek it out.

Dowsers believe that dowsing with rods can determine the position of the lines and that detrimental energies can be transformed using earth acupuncture on site, or remotely from plans.

Studies suggest that Geopathic Stress can make a building difficult to sell and businesses are less likely to thrive where Geopathic Stress is present. More important is that these lines can be detrimental to health and steps should be taken to create a healthy home and environment by minimizing their effect.

gs trees picture 1
gs trees 3
gs picture trees 2
gs tree picture

The above pictures show some of the effects of Geopathic stress in the landscape.
If these are the effects in nature, what could it be doing to you in your house?
Ask me, without charge, via the contact page, to check if you and your house are affected.

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