Feng Shui: Happy Healthy Home, Happy Healthy Life.

Healing House

What is Feng Shui?

“Feng Shui is the practice of analysing and influencing the interaction between people, buildings and the environment, in order to enhance the quality of life. Originating in Ancient China, its basis is “chi” which is a vital energy present in everything.”

Pronounced “Feng Shway” in Chinese, “ Feng” means wind and “Shui ” means water. These elements together with the other elements of fire, wood, metal and earth interact with each other and affect our environment. If they do so in a beneficial way then we are happy, healthy and successful in our home or business surroundings as we feel supported by our environment.

If our home or surroundings are not in harmony then it can lead to tiredness, lethargy, forgetfulness and lack of concentration, not to mention depression and illness. If we are out of step with the natural flow of energy then we may struggle.

What a Consultation usually includes

Geopathic Stress advice and information

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Advice on Clutter Removal

Ying Yang Balance

Advice on predecessor chi

9 Star Ki Astrology

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Electromagnetic Field Survey

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Recommendations on any Negative Artwork

Enhancement of chi

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Five elements cycle
Five elements cycle

Reasons why you may need a Feng Shui consultation

  • To harmonise, energise and balance your environment for optimum living and working and to bring in good new opportunities. To make sure that your environment supports you in every way.
  • Because you feel “stuck” in some areas of your life and you wish to move forward: To develop an increased feeling of well being.
  • To encourage the development of a healthy environment and to check that electronic fields are running at a safe and healthy level.
  • You need help selling your home. Past usage, called predecessor chi  can affect the way a building presents itself, preventing a speedy sale or letting.
  • Excessive electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can affect the health of the occupants of a building and need to be managed effectively to ensure a healthy environment.

The need for a consultation is often precipitated by a move to a new home or the start of a new business, or the realisation that life is just not working out in the way you had hoped.

“I want to formally thank you for making such a positive impact on my life. The clarity of your wisdom and knowledge of Feng Shui principles has allowed me to make changes in areas that were once troubled. Life in our home now is so much more balanced and harmonious. Financially, it just gets better and better. Your conviction in what you believe in is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge. I bless the day you walked through our door.”

LT. Buckinghamshire

I just wanted to say thank you for the house healing and Feng Shui Consultation last week. The house has changed massively over the last few days. I am reluctant to go away on holiday now! The difference is amazing.

C.C. London
“Sue advised us that we had four lines of geopathic stress affecting the house and our lives. After Sue had treated these, we noticed an immediate change in the feel of the house – it seemed to lift in some way. We then changed the position of many items in the house and made a few small purchases and positioned them “with intent,” as suggested.
The other changes took a little longer, probably about 3-4 weeks. The first improvement was of a financial nature with our monthly bonus cheque increasing by £1,500. It has since increased again. Sleeping patterns have improved for all the family and relationships have also improved. My daughter’s business, which she was setting up, has started with great prospects. We are still reaping the benefits.”
S and N B, Hampshire
“Great changes have taken place very quickly and new doors have opened for me since you did a Feng Shui Consultancy at my home. I was stuck in a void but have now moved forward to new and positive beginnings in many areas of my life. Thank you.”
SS. Twickenham, London